Thursday, January 30, 2014

10 Truths You Will Learn Before You Find Happiness

 10 Truths You Will Learn Before You Find Happiness

We are all beautiful human beings here in this world trying to find our way. Every day we seek to better understand the meaning of our lives. We long to discover our gifts and release them fully into the world, and we hope to find happiness and peace along the way. For some of us the key to these desires rings loud and clear, driving what we do and how we do it. For others, these deep seeded needs are buried below the noise of daily life, below ego, below fear, below the pressures and norms that we face in society… and thus, they are rarely addressed.

Along my own journey of self-actualization, I’ve witnessed dozens of great people discover their own paths to happiness and self-fulfillment, and I’ve noticed many common themes emerge. In all cases, the happiness they discover and gradually develop internally is seeded by the realization of certain fundamental truths.

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In Chinese Year of the Horse, dogs will have their day - Behind The Wall


Happy Chinese New Year Of The Horse!!

BEIJING – China will ring in the Year of the Horse this Friday - and like with any fresh start, questions abound about wealth, health and matters of the heart.

For many in China, Feng Shui masters and their astrological readings and predictions are merely a fun activity to pass the time. But for the superstitious, horoscope experts provide important guidance for the coming year.

In recent years, NBC News has had the pleasure of consulting with Feng Shui master, Chen Shuaifu, the 61-year old chairman of the Chinese Feng Shui Association, which has more than 50,000 members.

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Your Mind Is What Really Matters

Golfing great Arnold Palmer said: "My father always said to me, 'Remember, whatever game you play, 90 percent of success is from the shoulders up.'"

Palmer has never flaunted his success as a golfer or businessman. When I visited him a couple years ago in Latrobe, Pa., I learned that although he has won hundreds of trophies and awards, the only trophy in his office is a battered little cup that he got for his first professional win at the Canadian Open in 1955. There is also a framed plaque on the wall, which explains why he has been successful on and off the golf course. It reads:

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mastering the art of managing || Harvey`s Columns

Twenty-five hundred years ago a new Chinese emperor took the throne of the Middle Kingdom. Because he was only 18, he called upon the court’s wisest adviser.

“O learned sage. O venerable counselor,” said the young emperor, “you advised my grandfather the emperor for many years. What is the single most important advice you can give me now for ruling my kingdom?”

And the adviser, who was the famous Chinese philosopher Confucius, replied, “First, you must define the problem.”

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