Monday, September 7, 2015

How to simplify your life

Question: In a world of falsely titled articles such as "5 simple steps to become an entrepreneur," it makes me wonder: Is there really anything that is truly simple that can improve my life while I run my company? Or am I stuck in chaos?

Answer: Ah, simplicity. My strategy to simplify life involves taking a look at the two ends of the spectrum: things that are non-negotiable and those I can't live without. All the stuff in the middle will make the most noise, because they involve circumstantial decision making. I don't mess with those things, but when thinking about the two ends there's no ambiguity at all. Here's a plan that will help you sort it out.

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How to Change Your Self-Perception to Leverage Your Hidden Strengths

Our self-perceptions are often instilled in us before we have a say in them. Learning to change how we see ourselves helps us find our hidden strengths, or improve weaknesses we didn't know we had, to get along better in life.

Accurate self-perception is a necessary component of self-improvement. If you don't know where your strengths or weaknesses lie, you don't know what areas you need to work on. Or how to leverage your assets! Self-perception is simply being aware of who you are, what you're like, and what you're capable of. Your self-perception goes beyond positive self-esteem, though. It may involve acknowledging your shortcomings ("I suck at playing the violin, and that's okay"), adjusting how you view your skills, ("This skill I thought was boring is actually useful and neat!"), or recognizing your problem areas ("I'm not as hard working as I like to think").


Salvador Dali Illustrates 'ALICE IN WONDERLAND'

A classic of such imagination, complexity and inventiveness could have only found its artistic representation through the mind of Salvador Dali. These were done in 1969, and became one of Dali's most sought works.


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