Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pixelated Car Sculpture (5 pics) - My Modern Metropolis

Can luxuriousness and eco-friendliness go together? Lexus sure thinks so. To illustrate this very point, the car brand commissioned Los Angeles-based Nondesign to create this eye-catching pixelated sculpture for a debate series tour called "Darker Side of Green."

The "CT Umbra" is based on a map of vertical lines created from a CAD model of the CT 200h, Lexus's fifth hybrid car. Made out of 2,500 half-inch anodized aluminum bars cut to the exact measurements of the map, the installation aims to highlight the two seemingly opposing features of the vehicle, luxury and eco-friendliness, by changing colors from luxurious gold to earthy green and blue.

Pixelated Car Sculpture (5 pics) - My Modern Metropolis

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