Sunday, July 3, 2011

PressTV - Picasso masterpiece in Ramallah

Van Abbe museum's employees hang Pablo Picasso's "Buste de Femme" on a wall at the International Academy of Art Palestine in Ramallah. (File Photo)

A Picasso masterpiece has found its way to the city of Ramallah in the Palestinian territories.

The arrival of the painting triggered huge excitement among the Palestinians who regarded it as a historical event.

The art project which is called Picasso in Palestine started in a visit to Van Abbe museum in the Netherlands by Khaled Horani the director of the International Art Academy in Ramallah.
Palestinians hope that this art project will usher a new phase where art can break political and logistical barriers and where art displays of such magnitude will become a regular occurrence in the Palestinian territories.

Buste de Femme which was painted in 1943 during Picasso's expressionistic period has attracted thousands of Palestinians, and will remain on display for a month.
The Van Abbe museum's curators say that the painiting will take on extra meaning with its debut in Ramallah and the story will remain a part of the history of the painting from this moment on.

by Ibrahim Husseini Press TV June 29, 2011

PressTV - Picasso masterpiece in Ramallah

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