Sunday, July 24, 2011

The rules of career reinvention - Fortune Management

1. Get online, for real. Reinvention these days is digital. You're not too old to learn social media, and it's not too hard. In fact, technology has become more, not less, accessible. So get going!

2. Start from scratch. In the Age of Disruption, we're all starting from scratch. Don't get hung up over it -- embrace it. (Anyhow, you don't have a choice.)

3. Learn by doing. Don't worry about being perfect before you post something or try out a new site. The beauty of the medium is that there's often no right answer -- so you won't be wrong.

4. Share the wealth. Competitive advantage used to be about keeping a juicy nugget to yourself. But today knowledge is practically a commodity. Sharing raises your personal brand and connects you to others on a higher level. (Now go post this article.)

5. Cut back fast. To change your career, you need to be financially fit. So forget about status; the neighbors will be more impressed by your reinvention than your country club.

6. Prioritize your passions. The great thing about remaking yourself is that you can jettison all those things that you hate. Plot your passions and skill sets, and see if it gets you to a new place.

Sites that spark new thinking:

1. LinkedIn. Click on the groups tab, join as many "groups you may like" as possible in your areas of interest, and check out their discussions.

2. Twitter. Follow the experts who link to info about your professional interests. It's like hiring smart people to curate the news for you -- free.

3. Meetup is about bridging the online/offline divide with groups of people who share interests, then actually get together in real life.

4. YouTube. Type in"How to [fill in the blank]," and you'll find video after video explaining it. The results can be hit or miss, but the hits are fantastic.

The rules of career reinvention - Fortune Management

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